Electric Cord Reel 30′

Power supply reel with retractable outlet supply cord.

Part No.:

3173 - 30' Electric Cord Reel
Product Specifications

Power supply reel with 30′ retractable 3 outlet power supply cord. Features include 3-wire cord for positive grounding of electrical tools, and one piece molded plugs for added safety. Includes necessary hardware for wall or ceiling mounting. Fits all standard grounded electrical outlets. 16/3 cord rated 10 amps.

30' (10 m)

Heavy Duty Electric Cord Reel 40′

Double power supply reel.

Part No.:

4040 - 40' Heavy Duty Electric Cord Reel 40'
Product Specifications

Double power supply reel. All models have two outlets in a rugged metal enclosure, with spring loaded protective covers over the outlets. Box is grounded. Water tight strain relief bushing on all models where reel cord enters top of box.

115 volt, 60 Hz, single phase, 20 amp.

Adjustable guide arm, allows wall, ceiling, or bench mounting. 6′ inlet power cord with ground plug. 40′ oil resistant type SJTO/ SJTOW-A, three conductor 14/3 cord.

40' (13 m)

Compact Reels for Light

Automatic retractable light with built-in safety switch.

Part No.:

3175 - 50' Compact Reel for Light
3171 - 40' Compact Reel for Light
Product Specifications

Automatic retractable trouble light with built in safety switch. Light turns on when cord is pulled out. Shuts off when cord is fully retracted. Safety switch shuts off current at power source, no switch or tool tap in handle. Bulb guard insulated to prevent sparking. 40′ cord length. 18/2 cord. Stubby light.

50' (15 m), 40' (13 m)

Economy Air/Water Reel

Low Pressure ECR hose reel

Part No.:

1558 - 50' ECR Hose Reel
Product Specifications

Low cost low pressure hose reel. Ideal for light to intermediate use. Reel is made in China and carries a limited 90 day warranty.

50' (15 m)
300 psi