NEX•U• Components

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NEX·U·® is a hybrid system that brings you all the advantages of wireless flexibility and hard-wired reliability:

Wireless flexibility

• Data can be transmitted wirelessly among the different system components, eliminating long and expensive cable runs.
• Easily adds new components when required as your needs grow.
• System uses existing Wi-Fi® networks, simplifying its installation. No need for special, custom made, network components.

Hard-wired reliability

• A constant and reliable power source is always present to power the solenoid valves that control
fluid delivery.
• No uncharged batteries to let you down.
• Hard-wired data transmission to avoid interferences and other obstacles which might interfere
with wireless data transmission.

Part No.:

U•net central processing unit
U•track user & system interface
U•dat system keypad
U•vision+ hand held display
U•valve all in one flow control unit
U•tank real time inventory

Markets Served:

Service Shops, Fast Lube centers, Fleet service, Auto and truck dealers, Vehicle maintenance centers