Benefits of Using Hose Reels

If you question that the purchase and installation of a hose reel is not worth the investment, you are mistaken. In the following, we will explain why it makes sense to use a hose reel for efficiency and safety.

What is a hose reel?

Before analyzing the benefits of the use of hose reels within the fluid dispense system, we will explain what a hose reel is in case someone is not familiar with them.

A hose reel consists of a cylindrical reel, usually made of metal, plastic or fiberglass that is used to keep a dispense hose conveniently rolled up. Within the family of hose reels there are different styles:

  1. Manual: The hose is wound manually by operating a crank on the side of the reel.
  2. Automatic: or spring-loaded, wind the hose automatically by the action of the spring.
  3. Electric: The hose is rolled and uncoiled by an electric motor. They are often used in large volume reels that require large diameter or long length hoses.

The hose reels are usually categorized by the diameter and length of the hose they have, the working pressure of the fluid and the type of operation thereof. They are usually installed in fixed locations, installed overhead, on walls, trucks or on mobile carts.

There are hose reels for all types of fluids (oil, water, grease, diesel, DEF, fuel, chemicals, etc.) and applications (vehicle maintenance, cleaning industry, etc.) Depending on the application and the fluid being dispensed, a reel with bigger or smaller fluid inlet and outlet can be chosen in such a way as to satisfy the dispense requirements.

The pressure at which the fluid moves through the hose must also be taken into consideration in order to correctly choose the proper reel and to operate safely and reliably.

Why use a hose reel?

Having discussed the purpose of a hose reel, we will now analyze the benefits of using them:

  • Increase in productivity: Having the hose reel conveniently located will allow for quick and easy dispense of fluids.
  • Reduces wear: Fluid hoses are typically made of rubber and will wear over time. Allowing vehicles or equipment to roll over the hose will cause damage and premature wear. Using a hose reel will increase the life of the hose in a very significant way and reduce costs of premature replacement of hoses.
  • Safety: The hose is rolled up and stored out of the way once it is finished being used, this will prevent safety hazards that could cause serious accidents.
  • Efficiency: It facilitates the manipulation and storage of the hose and fluids.

The benefits that we have just explained will result in a significant saving of time, safety and money, which is very important in a work environment.