The pump is the heart of the system. Choosing a pump requires considering a variety of factors so your system will provide years of dependable service.

Oil Pumps & Kits

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Samson’s selection of oil pumps will fit original containers of different sizes and bulk storage tanks; covering applications that range from the transfer of oil to very large centralized systems.

Grease Pumps & Kits

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Samson’s offers a range of high pressure and high delivery grease pumps to handle a wide variety of applications. These grease pumps fit original containers sizes, from small pails to drums, totes, and specialty built tanks, and covers applications from mobile and portable units to large distribution systems.

Pumps for Other Fluids

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Samson’s Directflo Pumps – the fluid is pumped through the center of the pump and compressed air acts on the outside face of the diaphragms. Directflo pumps feature superior all-round pumping performance, stress-free diaphragm couplings, frictionless pivoting air valves, single part molded body, ball check valves adjacent to diaphragms, and flange fastening plates.